The 10 Day Mark

Hi everyone,

It’s been 10 days since my procedure and it’s time to remove my stiches.  Being the day after Thanksgiving means that I have a lot of leftovers and football to get to, so I made my appointment for 9:30am.  First game starts at 11am so I may be pushing it a little. 

Claudio and Bridey  welcomed me and sat me in the chair by 9:20.  Some scab cleaning took place to make it easier to get to the stiches.  Aside from a couple of pinches here and there it was painless and quick.  I was back home with a plate of food and the remote in my hand by 10:40.  Great teamwork there.

You’ll see in the picture that the healing marks  at the front of my hairline reveal where my new hair will be growing.  That’s pretty exciting.  Afterall, that’s what I came here for, and it’s working!

Now that the stiches have been removed, the feeling that I am wearing a hat is gone.  I guess it was caused by the stitches slightly stretching the skin.  Looking forward to watching my scalp closely each and every day.   Things are on the rise!

Suture Removal

Completion Of Suture Removal


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