Day 57 and Counting

Well, the holidays have zipped by already and it’s been 57 days since my transplant.  As you can see from the pictures, there’s not a lot of new growth yet, but it is coming.  The people close to me who see me everyday have noticed that my hair is getting thicker and I have a good deal of new growth despite it being hard to see on the photos.  The new growth started coming in like beard stubble and now the hairs are about a half inch in length.  I was told it would take 6-9 months to see a difference but it’s only been less than two full months.  I’m really excited.

I’ve enjoyed telling friends that I had the procedure and watch how they pretend that my hair looks great.  They have a good laugh when I finally tell them that the results won’t be noticeable for another few months or so, but thanks for the lame compliments anyway!  Perhaps I should stop saying… “I just had a hair transplant, doesn’t it look great?”

One Buddy said, “Ahh, ummm, well, ahhh, Dave, you’re just as bald as before, can’t you see that?”  I replied, “It’s not like I bought a wig, it takes time to grow in, you boob!”

Anyway, things are going as planned and I am still very happy that I took the plunge to do something about my rapidly balding head.  Stay tuned, I’ll keep you informed.


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