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Six Month Update

May 25, 2010

Six Months Of Growth

Me with Six Months Hair Growth

Hi all.  It’s been six months and four days since my procedure and I must say that my hair certainly feels different.  The pictures may or may not show the growth yet, but my hair certainly feels thicker.  I especially notice it when I wake up in the morning.  I used to look like a fifty year old Gerber baby with a tuft of hair sticking straight up in the air and nothing on the sides.  Now I wake up to a thicker tuft with more hairline coverage.  I have definitely noticed that my hairline has stopped receding and is actually filling in.

The bald spot in the back, my main nemesis, used to feel cold to the touch when I would stroke my palm over it, because it was obviously bare.  Now I feel warmth and hair stubble when I run my palm over it.  The guys at the gym actually said that they see a difference.  Coming from them, that means something because they typically would use this opportunity to ridicule me…all in fun of course.

I’m looking forward to some visual changes soon because I was told that between months six and nine is when most of the growth will occur.  So after six months, no, I don’t look like one of the Jonas Brothers, YET, but there is substantial progress.   I’m happy and excited about it and yes, very thankful and proud that I took this step to become a better version of the old me.