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My 11th Month Update

October 25, 2010

Dave - Before Nu/Hart Hair Transplant

Checking in with my 11-month update.  Growth is coming along nicely.

Dave - After Nu/Hart Hair Transplant (11 months)

The other night I went to an upscale bar.  As I stood near the end of the bar, I noticed than more than just a few people were staring at me.  It felt really good.  I couldn’t deny that my confidence was soaring. My hairline was no longer going to make me shy and unapproachable.  I didn’t expect to be attacked by women like in the AXE body wash commercials, but a simple hello from an attractive woman would be nice.  As if it were scripted, a charming, attractive woman approached me and asked my name.  She then proceeded to say…”So, Dave, did you notice all these people staring at you?  “I sure did,” I excitedly replied.  “Well perhaps, you would garner less attention if you didn’t stand in front of the big screen TV while the Penguin game is on.”

Ok, so I’m still not a chick magnet, but at least I feel better about my appearance …and that’s saying something.  I like the way my hair feels now and how I have less scalp showing.  It’s getting better each week.  Bottom line, I’m really glad I had the procedure done.  I’m looking forward to the next few months.  Hopefully, I’ll do my next update from the barber shop as he’s cutting all of my thick uncontrollable locks.

Till next time…if you’re on the fence about getting this done—come on, jump…you’ll be glad you did.