18 Month Update-Not “Business As Usual”

Me at the 18-Month Mark

Me at the 18-Month Mark

I thought by now that the novelty would have worn off and I would be used to my new hair growth.  Not so.  I’m still not Robert Redford, but I wasn’t promised that.  That’s what I really like about NuHart.  They didn’t promise miracles, only a distinct difference that would be noticeable and flattering.  They said that I would feel rewarded for getting out from the inertia that was holding me back.  Trust me, I had all the excuses…I don’t have the time…I don’t look that bad…I’m in a long term relationship and it doesn’t bother her that I’m balding…I can’t afford it…I don’t want a medical procedure…it’s going to hurt…it might not work for me…I’m not that vain (this coming from a guy who tried the spray-on hair once)…the list goes on.  How silly was I to let preconceived ideas stop me from spending four hours that would change my life!  That’s it! Four measly hours after I walked into the Nuhart office on a Tuesday evening, I was on the road to a thicker head of hair.

I love the feeling of fullness when I comb my hair.  That feeling was missing for years.  The joke I used to endure in the locker room was that I combed my hair with a wash cloth.  It’s nothing but combs and brushes now for this guy!

Don’t be an excuse machine like I was…fix it!  You don’t have to grow old gracefully.  This was so much easier than losing weight or exercising.  All I had to do was sit in a chair and watch TV for a few hours and have the stuff fuss over me like I was a celebrity.

By the way…my significant other really wasn’t all that pleased with my balding, she was just being kind.  I know…a cruel dose of reality, but hey, she’s still putting up with me…and my new thicker hair!

Close-Up of 18-Month Hairline

Close-Up of 18-Month Hairline


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