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18 Month Update-Not “Business As Usual”

May 31, 2011
Me at the 18-Month Mark

Me at the 18-Month Mark

I thought by now that the novelty would have worn off and I would be used to my new hair growth.  Not so.  I’m still not Robert Redford, but I wasn’t promised that.  That’s what I really like about NuHart.  They didn’t promise miracles, only a distinct difference that would be noticeable and flattering.  They said that I would feel rewarded for getting out from the inertia that was holding me back.  Trust me, I had all the excuses…I don’t have the time…I don’t look that bad…I’m in a long term relationship and it doesn’t bother her that I’m balding…I can’t afford it…I don’t want a medical procedure…it’s going to hurt…it might not work for me…I’m not that vain (this coming from a guy who tried the spray-on hair once)…the list goes on.  How silly was I to let preconceived ideas stop me from spending four hours that would change my life!  That’s it! Four measly hours after I walked into the Nuhart office on a Tuesday evening, I was on the road to a thicker head of hair.

I love the feeling of fullness when I comb my hair.  That feeling was missing for years.  The joke I used to endure in the locker room was that I combed my hair with a wash cloth.  It’s nothing but combs and brushes now for this guy!

Don’t be an excuse machine like I was…fix it!  You don’t have to grow old gracefully.  This was so much easier than losing weight or exercising.  All I had to do was sit in a chair and watch TV for a few hours and have the stuff fuss over me like I was a celebrity.

By the way…my significant other really wasn’t all that pleased with my balding, she was just being kind.  I know…a cruel dose of reality, but hey, she’s still putting up with me…and my new thicker hair!

Close-Up of 18-Month Hairline

Close-Up of 18-Month Hairline

16 Month Update

March 2, 2011

Hey Everybody,

Here at about the 16-month mark, I thought I’d share with you this comparison of my hair growth now with an old picture I discovered, taken before my Nu/Hart hair transplant.


My 11th Month Update

October 25, 2010

Dave - Before Nu/Hart Hair Transplant

Checking in with my 11-month update.  Growth is coming along nicely.

Dave - After Nu/Hart Hair Transplant (11 months)

The other night I went to an upscale bar.  As I stood near the end of the bar, I noticed than more than just a few people were staring at me.  It felt really good.  I couldn’t deny that my confidence was soaring. My hairline was no longer going to make me shy and unapproachable.  I didn’t expect to be attacked by women like in the AXE body wash commercials, but a simple hello from an attractive woman would be nice.  As if it were scripted, a charming, attractive woman approached me and asked my name.  She then proceeded to say…”So, Dave, did you notice all these people staring at you?  “I sure did,” I excitedly replied.  “Well perhaps, you would garner less attention if you didn’t stand in front of the big screen TV while the Penguin game is on.”

Ok, so I’m still not a chick magnet, but at least I feel better about my appearance …and that’s saying something.  I like the way my hair feels now and how I have less scalp showing.  It’s getting better each week.  Bottom line, I’m really glad I had the procedure done.  I’m looking forward to the next few months.  Hopefully, I’ll do my next update from the barber shop as he’s cutting all of my thick uncontrollable locks.

Till next time…if you’re on the fence about getting this done—come on, jump…you’ll be glad you did.



Six Month Update

May 25, 2010

Six Months Of Growth

Me with Six Months Hair Growth

Hi all.  It’s been six months and four days since my procedure and I must say that my hair certainly feels different.  The pictures may or may not show the growth yet, but my hair certainly feels thicker.  I especially notice it when I wake up in the morning.  I used to look like a fifty year old Gerber baby with a tuft of hair sticking straight up in the air and nothing on the sides.  Now I wake up to a thicker tuft with more hairline coverage.  I have definitely noticed that my hairline has stopped receding and is actually filling in.

The bald spot in the back, my main nemesis, used to feel cold to the touch when I would stroke my palm over it, because it was obviously bare.  Now I feel warmth and hair stubble when I run my palm over it.  The guys at the gym actually said that they see a difference.  Coming from them, that means something because they typically would use this opportunity to ridicule me…all in fun of course.

I’m looking forward to some visual changes soon because I was told that between months six and nine is when most of the growth will occur.  So after six months, no, I don’t look like one of the Jonas Brothers, YET, but there is substantial progress.   I’m happy and excited about it and yes, very thankful and proud that I took this step to become a better version of the old me.

Day 57 and Counting

January 15, 2010
Well, the holidays have zipped by already and it’s been 57 days since my transplant.  As you can see from the pictures, there’s not a lot of new growth yet, but it is coming.  The people close to me who see me everyday have noticed that my hair is getting thicker and I have a good deal of new growth despite it being hard to see on the photos.  The new growth started coming in like beard stubble and now the hairs are about a half inch in length.  I was told it would take 6-9 months to see a difference but it’s only been less than two full months.  I’m really excited.

I’ve enjoyed telling friends that I had the procedure and watch how they pretend that my hair looks great.  They have a good laugh when I finally tell them that the results won’t be noticeable for another few months or so, but thanks for the lame compliments anyway!  Perhaps I should stop saying… “I just had a hair transplant, doesn’t it look great?”

One Buddy said, “Ahh, ummm, well, ahhh, Dave, you’re just as bald as before, can’t you see that?”  I replied, “It’s not like I bought a wig, it takes time to grow in, you boob!”

Anyway, things are going as planned and I am still very happy that I took the plunge to do something about my rapidly balding head.  Stay tuned, I’ll keep you informed.

Is That Hair Growing?

December 5, 2009

It’s been 17 days since my procedure and I’ve got new growth already!!  It’s like a beard coming in, only it’s on my head.  This is so cool! I can picture how the new growth will mix with my existing hair.  I can’t wait.

I went out yesterday for the first time since my procedure without a hat.  I had lunch with a buddy who was unaware of my transplant.  He noticed nothing in terms of dots, scabs, holes or any other disfigurement that most people assume would be present.  Imagine that, less than three weeks from my procedure and there are no noticable scars or marks.  But there is a patch of new growth on my hairline and I couldn’t be happier.

The question I get asked the most thus far is would I do it again.  If someone asked you, would you deal with two days of discomfort, not pain, just some soreness and healing in exchange for looking 15 years younger?  The answer is YES! It was kind of nice being fussed over at the Nu/Hart office and at home for a few days.  Although I couldn’t play racquetball for a week, I was able to get back to work in just two days, albeit desk duty.  They didn’t want me lugging camera equipment around until some natural healing took place.  Bottom line…it was a piece of cake.