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My Consultation with Dr. Dickinson

December 9, 2009

Here’s the video of my pre-op consultation with Dr. Dickinson, prior to my session on 11/17.  Some good info here.


Is That Hair Growing?

December 5, 2009

It’s been 17 days since my procedure and I’ve got new growth already!!  It’s like a beard coming in, only it’s on my head.  This is so cool! I can picture how the new growth will mix with my existing hair.  I can’t wait.

I went out yesterday for the first time since my procedure without a hat.  I had lunch with a buddy who was unaware of my transplant.  He noticed nothing in terms of dots, scabs, holes or any other disfigurement that most people assume would be present.  Imagine that, less than three weeks from my procedure and there are no noticable scars or marks.  But there is a patch of new growth on my hairline and I couldn’t be happier.

The question I get asked the most thus far is would I do it again.  If someone asked you, would you deal with two days of discomfort, not pain, just some soreness and healing in exchange for looking 15 years younger?  The answer is YES! It was kind of nice being fussed over at the Nu/Hart office and at home for a few days.  Although I couldn’t play racquetball for a week, I was able to get back to work in just two days, albeit desk duty.  They didn’t want me lugging camera equipment around until some natural healing took place.  Bottom line…it was a piece of cake.

Let Me Introduce Myself

November 24, 2009

Hi and thanks for checking out my blog.  The mere fact that you’re here probably means that, like me, you’re experiencing some hair loss and want to do something about it.  Hopefully, sharing my hair transplant experience with the world will help those who are also considering this procedure, just as other Nu/Hart hair transplant clients have helped to educate me.  I can’t tell you how helpful it has been to learn about the process from others who have “been there and done that.”  So I’m looking forward to telling my story to you.

My name is Dave Manno. I produce television shows and corporate videos.  Over the last several years, I have worked with Arrowstarr to occasionally provide video production services to Nu/Hart Hair Clinics, whose corporate headquarters also reside in Pittsburgh, PA.  It’s during this time that I’ve been to their facility, gotten to know the staff, learned about their hair transplantation process, and become intrigued with the idea of getting my own hair back.  Finally, the day came that I knew it was time for me to stop thinking about getting my hair back – and start doing something about it.  So after a few conversations with their medical staff and Dr. Peter Dickinson, I scheduled my very own hair transplant, which took place just the other day.

Okay, I’ll be honest here.  It’s been less than two days since my procedure and if I position myself just right in front of a mirror and dim the lights, the little marks on my head where the hairs were transplanted fill in the spots that were recently bare.  I can now truly imagine what my hair and hair line will look like in a few short months.  I am totally pumped.  I truly look 15 years younger…and that’s with just the marks!  Just think what curly brown hair will look like. If I can just reign in my patience, I’ll be in good shape.

Though I’ve undergone back surgery, gallbladder surgery, and several very uncomfortable outpatient procedures, I’m still a very fidgety patient.  Despite my whining and constant need to take breaks, Dr. Dickinson was extremely professional, patient and understanding.  The staff, Bridey, Kristi, Bob and Claudio kept things light and humorous, which was much appreciated.  They’re still amazed that I took a dose of valium and I was still fully alert and able to walk out of there in a straight line.  They were equally amazed that I drove myself home while eating a Wendy’s burger with my right hand and texting on the cell with my left.  Just kidding…the love of my life was there to not only calm and comfort me, but also to drive.

Back to the procedure, let’s not pull any punches here.  This wasn’t open heart surgery, but it wasn’t a mole removal either.  I guess I would say it was similar to maybe a dental procedure.  Granted, any procedure carries with it some risks, discomfort and trepidation.  But I guarantee you that when I look in the mirror a few months from now, every tug, push, pull, pinch, swell and ache will be worth it.

I was concerned about how or if I would sleep, but night one was amazingly uneventful.  I slept well, despite having to lie on my back.  Yes, I cheated and turned on my side now and then, but I woke up with little pain and virtually no swelling.  The most uncomfortable thing was the tightness in my scalp.  It felt like I was wearing curlers that were rolled too tightly.  (Not that I have ever had curlers in my hair, but I can imagine what it must feel like.  Okay, let’s switch that to it feels like a football helmet that is too tight.)

I’ve given Nu/Hart some of my “video log” of the events leading up to the procedure.  Next time, I’ll post the video of my pre-operative consultation with Dr. Dickinson.